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Discussion Questions


1. Do you read print newspapers? Do you read online newspapers - if yes, in what way/form?

2. How has the web changed newspapers and journalism?

3. Why are newspapers in trouble?

4. Would it matter if we had a world without traditional journalism/newspapers?

5. What are newspapers for - what should they do?

6. Rosen thinks it's a mistake to think of newspaper readers as an audience - why?

7. What do you think of his 4 examples/pieces of evidence for the emergence of a new, democratic journalism?

8. Rosen cites traditional criticisms of bloggers as news makers (p 2 - they are parasites, etc). He also

quotes Markov who says if new forms of journalism don't evolve into substantial institutions, this will be a 

problem, and they won't do real journalism.  What do you think of Markov's claim?

9. Rosen argues that blogging solves the problem of a "free press belonging to the person who owns one."

10. List major strengths and weaknesses of Rosen's article.



Articles, Posts & Debates on Blogs, Journalism & the Future of News



Debates, Roundtables & Collections about Blogging, Journalism, & the Future of News




Key Organizations, Writers and Bloggers



Articles/Posts About Blogging, Journalism & News



Academic Articles on Blogging, Journalism & News



Blogs as Part of the new Journalism


Interviews/Video of Key figures Debating Blogs



Blogs & Journalism 2.0



Citizen Journalism




Blogs and War



How to Track and Search Blogs



Wiki Tools

Wiki vision http://www.lkozma.net/wpv/index.html

Flickr Vision http://flickrvision.com/

WIKISCANNER http://wikiscanner.virgil.gr/


Wikis and the heavy metal umlaut



Demetri Martin parodies social networks




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