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Welcome to the RWS 411 Class Wiki

Key information will be posted here - readings, lecture notes, homework, etc. I'll also post announcements and updates, so check this page regularly.  This web site, a wiki, will also let us share material, coordinate group work, and manage class presentations. 

 You can't break anything, and everything you do can be rolled back if there's a problem.  So feel free to write and contribute to

the site. I'm doing some revising and updating, so expect changes over the first week of the semester. 


Course Info & Homework

Syllabus and Assignments

Schedule & Texts 


Paper Topics, Tips, Texts
Sample Student Papers

Generative A.I. Resources 

Digital Literacy Exercises 



Presentation Sign up sheets

Progress Reports Oct 23 & 25

Group Presentations 09/06
and 09/11


Final Paper Presentations



Conferences and Peer Review


Peer Review/Discussion questions

Peer Review Nov 30


CDL Resources

Critical Digital Literacy Modules
Fake News Resources
Digital Literacy Resources
 and TechTools

Listservs & Associations


Research Areas

Sample Student Papers & Project Topics 

Drafting Folder and brainstorming area



Links 2023


Lecture Notes & Handouts 

Online Education 

Media, Democracy, Social Change 

Blogs & Journalism  Remix



How to change email notifications






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