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Links 2023

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Links 2023



  1. New A.I. Tools to Discuss and Test - handout Nov 27
  2. Google doc work experimenting with AI tools 




Prior Links 2023 

  1. First Day Links, Info, activities (Google Doc) 
  2. ChatGPT Touching Base Google Slides August 23 2023
  3. Why Humanities knowledge matters (surfing dog) and email rhetoric. Google slide August 28, 2023
  4. Mark Marino Don't Text Me About the Textpocalypse (From his wild, hilarious book/creative AI experiment, Hallucinate This! An Authorized Autobotography.) 
    Kirschenbaum and Marino are friends, but differ in their stance on AI. Marino is more optimistic, and interested in exploring creative possibilities. 
  5. Peering into the Future of Novels with AI.  Stephen Marche, aka Aidan Marchine, describes writing “Death of an Author.” 
    Along with ChatGPT, Marche used "Sudowrite, asking the program to make a sentence longer or shorter, to adopt a more conversational tone or to
    make the writing sound like Ernest Hemingway’s. Then he used Cohere to create what he called the best lines in the book. If he wanted to describe
    the smell of coffee, he trained the program with examples and then asked it to generate similes until he found one he liked."

    “To me, the process was a bit akin to hip-hop,” he said. “If you’re making hip-hop, you don’t necessarily know how to drum, but you definitely
    need to know how beats work, how hooks work, and you need to be able to put them together in a meaningful way.”
  6. Nick Cave does not agree. Personal blog, Verge article.
  7. Exploring GPT3 Training for ‘Black’ Neural-Network Text Generation
    Warpland 2.0 is an attempt at shifting the model’s potential outputs by fine-tuning it on a corpus of the work of Gwendolyn Brooks. One goal is to
    give the model a context for discussing Black people that is more nuanced and sensitive than the out-of-the-box model.
  8. Discussion questions for the "critical texts"
  9. Experimenting with AI. Exercises for students to do, prompts to play with, sample student draft introductions to be tested on MyEssayFeedback. 
    Google doc for group work
  10. SubText  and Email from student to professor, and from landlord to tenant  
  11. Group work Sept 06 - testing Mollick's ideas and discussing O'Neill 
  12. AI Bias, and the Politics of Algorithms (slides)
  13. YouTube and bias towards arousal, outrage and extremism (WSJ experiment)  
  14. Bias and AI - the  Bloomberg study  
  15. RWS Argument Textbook  (pdf)
  16. New textbook on A.I. and education, with an emphasis on writing. Teaching and learning with A.I.
  17. Rutgers AI Council - Teaching Critical A.I. Literacy.  
  18. RWS textbook 
  19. Using AI to summarize complex texts as a way into analysis - comparing the results of POE and Bing
  20. Visions of the Future? 
    1) A.I. Applies to the Ivy League  2) 7% of Intuit Workforce Fired As Focus Shifts to AI-Driven Platform
    3) Will A.I. replace Radiologists? 2019 study suggests radiologists who learn A.I. will replace those who don't. Since then the picture
    seems more dire, as numbers of medical students applying to become radiologists has decreased dramatically. 
  21. A.I. Is Changing Everything. Prompt Engineering & the importance of Rhetoric. 
  22.  Constitutional A.I.?  
  23. Resisting dehumanization in the age of AI - Emily Bender video
  24. Boston Robotics over time. Let's avoid Black Mirror?   
  25. Videos: Sal Khan, TED talk, “How AI Could Save (Not Destroy) Education,” and Gary Marcus TED talk, "The urgent risks of runaway AI
  26. Dinsinfo, Breaking News, and AI. UNC experience. 
  27. Thompson Group work questions 
  28. Thompson, social reading, annotation, bookmarking - Hypothesis 
  29. Before, after, and ways forward. Doctorow and alternatives to "enshittification."  (Slides). 
  30. Werry Imagined Electronic Community questions - group work Google doc 
  31. Doctorow and the Rebirth of Anti-Trust? When For-Profit Universities Gamed Regulation
  32. Doctorow discussion questions  October 02, 2023 

  33. Ong/Literacy handout and group work Google doc
  34. Ong slides  
  35. More AI-related research opportunities: 
    Generative AI Activities for the Writing and Language Classroom
    Tues Oct 17th (7-8pm Cairo time, 4-6pm GMT, 12-1pm ET)

    How Teachers Can Harness AI in their Work Tues Oct 24th (7-8pm Cairo time, 4-6pm GMT, 12-1pm ET)


  36. Tufekci group discussion questions (Google Doc

  37. Demagoguery Excerpts 1Excerpts 2 (fringe to mainstream)  Group Work Google Doc - RM and Wallace

  38.  Excerpts to analyze - Wallace, Warner, Earnest. 
  39. Demagoguery links Oct 30 2023 

  40.  A week of conspiracy theories  Intro to demagoguery and authoritarian populism slidesExamples, video  links, links to slides

  41. Factors contributing to culture of demagoguery   

  42. Group work - Google doc - check in and analyzing authoritarian populism 
  43. Handout on the rhetoric of authoritarian populism. Apply to statements preceding the January 6, 2021 attack at the Capitol. and excerpts from  Trump Speech on Jan 6.  
  44. Powerpoint introduction authoritarian populism 2023 - Google slides, powerpoint   (summary of slides.)
  45. A smorgasboard of violent political rhetoric - political ads, candidate statements, etc.     
  46. Movie at Ellipse Jan. 6, 2021. Played after final speeches (Trump, then finally Giuliani): https://vimeo.com/508134765 
  47. Stanley's interpretation: “Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda,” and interview explaining his argument to PBS. Clips plus analysis. 
  48. Authoritarian Rhetoric in the 2020 Election – a Short Multimodal Analysis
  49. Short video of statements by people who stormed the Capitol. Are  there examples of authoritarian rhetoric?   
  50. Documentary: Lies, Politics, Democracy. Bannon outlining what will happen. 

  51. More project Ideas - Nov 13, 2023. 
  52. Winner and Politics of Artefact (slides). Group work - Winner, Pariser and Allen, project updates.  CARS handout  



Wineburg, Digital Literacy, and Conspiracy Theories





Doctorow Materials

  1. Video: Seize the Means of Computation, Cory Doctorow, talk at Seattle GNU/Linux conference 2021.  

  2. Video: Cory Doctorow Talk on enshittification for DEFCON 2023 hacker conference, Sept 2023.  3 minutes.
  3. Video: Cory Doctorow UCL Computer Science Peter Kirstein Lecture  Jun 30, 2023  
  4. Video: "Cory Doctorow knows how to free you from Facebook." Ethan Zuckerman Interview, from "reimagining the Internet"
  5. Video: Doctorow on Chokepoint Capitalism (How Big Tech Captured Culture) The Agenda 27 MINUTES.
  6. Adam Ruins Everything & Doctorow. Metaphors at 6, monopoly ay 16, to Swift.
  7. Doctorow, "Seize Means Computation,"  at Lincoln Network. Some debate with Jimi Soni, Clout Public Affairs. 5-11.00. 15 on.
  8. Book: The Internet Con: How To Seize the Means of Computation
  9. Book: Chokepoint Capitalism: How Big Tech and Big Content Captured Creative Labor Markets and How We'll Win Them Back







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