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Generative AI

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Generative AI Resources



Major LLMs for Text and Image Creation

For a fuller explanation, plus the strengths and weaknesses of these tools, see Mollick's How to Use AI to Do Stuff

Text-based  Image-based

Bard (Google)

Bing (Microsoft)

ChatGPT (3.5 and 4, (OpenAI)

Claude 2 (Anthropic.) Can upload files

Poe.ai (Quora) Multiple chatbots,
including ChatGPT 4,. Can upload files.

Perplexity.ai Good for research; can upload.





Adobe Firefly

Bing Image Creator



Playgound Lets you use multiple image generators

Stable Diffusion




ChatBot Learning "Coaches" 

Chatbots are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with some programmed to exhibit specific personalities, or help with specific
kinds of writing/research. Some are based on prompts, others are programmed. Most are new and experimental. 

Use them to explore, play around, and experiment, but remember to 
document and reflect on the results you get in your A.I.
Reflection Journal. See what you can get them to do, what kinds of writing they 
help produce (creative, personal, professional,
academic, etc.) and what their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations are. 
Be adventurous, creative, and critical. You could even
consider adapting a ChatBot to do things you want.

  1. The Perfect Tutor (aka Mary Poppins). You will need a Poe.ai. account. Created by Mark Marino and Jeremy Douglass at USC. 
  2. Cranky Coach (aka Reviewer #2). Also requires Poe.ai. account. Created by Mark Marino and Jeremy Douglass at USC.
  3. MyEssayFeedback.ai. Helps teachers create assignments and give feedback to students. I will create a test "course" and 
    invite you to set up an account and join the course so we can experiment with this. Created by Eric Kean and Anna Mills.  
  4. KhanMigo. A joint project by Khan Academy and OpenAi. "Khanmigo mimics a writing coach by giving prompts and
    suggestions to move students forward as they write, debate, and collaborate in exciting new ways. Video explainer by
    Sal Khan, article about it.
  5. "Friendly Tutor Explains Concepts," Ethan Mollick. Requires ChatGPT 4.0.



How to Create Your Own Bot  



Collections of Educational A.I. Resources 

This Google Doc will contain an updated list of the key educational resources being put together by teachers and scholars.
Please add to it if you find resources that are useful. For a quick sample of such resources, here are some places to start:

  1. A.I. in Education. By students, for students, at the University of Sydney
  2. University of Maine "Learn with AI Toolkit." Resources for Teachers and Students 
  3. Humanities Commons Quick Start Guide to AI and Writing  
  4. Anna Mills has compiled one of the largest and most comprehensive meta-list of resources. It is titled “AI Text Generators
    Sources to Stimulate Discussion Among Teachers.” Although focused on English Education/Rhetoric/Writing, most teachers
    and students will find it useful. This Google doc is regularly updated.
  5. Open A.I.'s collection of resources and guides



Policies Statements by Universities and K-12 Schools  

  1. The two largest professional organizations focused on Writing, Language, and English Education (MLA and CCCC)
    produced a 
    Working Paper on AI & Writing. 
  2. Classroom Policies for AI Generative Tools - big compilation of policies produced by Colleges and Universities mostly
    focused on academic integrity. 













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